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Grab a finished pair for the price of a kit!

Currently we are only ‘soft launching’ this product in its ready built form. There are several reasons for this. Assembling a speaker cabinet is not easy, and we want the kit version to be as easy to assemble as possible, and not require the inexperienced woodworker to have to go out and buy a dozen clamps and other tools they may never need again. And so we are currently offering the ready-built, fully tested, ready to plug and play version for what will eventually be the price of the kit.

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Experience detail and dynamic range like you’ve never heard before with the Present Day Production range of modular, upgradable monitors that can grow with you as your experience and skills progress.


The range starts with the MUM-8. A three-way, full range, fully active studio monitor that outperforms many monitors costing three times the price. Offering incredible detail, accuracy and superb dynamic ability, the MUM-8 will reveal subtle changes in level, compression and EQ you’ve probably never experienced before, with superb translation to other systems. Don’t spend £10,000 on a pair of studio monitors until you’ve experienced these!

Born from our journey into Dolby Atmos for music, we wanted to create a monitor that lived up to the standards of the high-end mastering grade systems we’d built our careers on, but was far more cost effective. And so, after thousands of hours of development, we finally arrived on the design of our OWL - On Wall Loudspeaker - specifically designed and built for our own Dolby Atmos room. What we weren’t expecting was to have ended up with a ‘surround’ speaker so good that we’d also be using them for traditional stereo mixing and mastering work. But the results spoke for themselves, with our output becoming better than ever, and revisions at pretty much zero.

Everyone that came into the studio and heard the OWLs in action was blown away, and many people wanted a pair, but in a more traditional studio monitor format. And so we refined the design even further and came up with the MUM-8. A truly high end monitor we are extremely proud of. Capable of being used in either portrait or landscape orientation, thanks to the removable mid/tweeter plate, every element of the MUM-8 has been designed to be upgradable as technology improves or your needs grow. You can move up to a larger bass driver by simply fitting the mid driver and tweeter into a larger enclosure with our planned 10, 12 and 15 inch bass drivers, or add a pair of our forthcoming subwoofers for even greater SPL and a low end that digs even deeper. And, whilst the current amplification solution from Hypex is state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency, transparency and performance, class-D technology is improving rapidly and so the back plate has been designed so the amplification can be easily upgraded in the future. 

And for the ultimate no compromise studio monitor solution, you can upgrade from silk domed to beryllium tweeters and mid drivers.

We really believe the MUM is the last pair of studio monitors you will ever need. 

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  • Unbelievable stereo imaging

  • True-to-life detail

  • Explosive dynamic range

  • Ultra-low distortion for a fatigue-free listening experience

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