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My RØDE Reel 2020 - Vehemently Vegetables

If we mention any files or links in the YouTube video, click the link below to be taken to them.



This is our main entry video for the My RØDE Reel 2020 competition.


Produced and filmed by
James Nugent and Mark Ashfield

Puppets operated by
Mark Ashfield, Jamie Pond and Wayne Setford

Voiceover and Character Voices
Mark Ashfield

Build Behind Our Eyes by The Goodbye Look

Written by Sam Reck and Sam Knight

Sam Reck - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Piano
Sam Knight - Tenor Saxophone and Clav
Emily Lynn and Jen Armstrong - Backing Vocals
Michael Horner - Rhodes Piano
James Higginson - Bass
James Maltby - Guitar
Floyer Sydenham - Drums
Tom Walsh - Trumpet
Nichol Thompson - Trombone

Sam Reck - Mixing
Mark Ashfield - Mastering

Thanks to
Wayne Setford at Together We Grow
Jamie Pond
Nigel Rolph
Jacqui Thurgood
Paul and Elisabeth Ashfield
The Goodness Gang
One Way UK
Silly Puppets UK

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