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The Ultimate 1176 Shootout | Vintage Originals | Klark Teknik 76-KT | Clones | Plugins

If we mention any files or links in the YouTube video, click the link below to be taken to them.

We've had great fun in this video comparing various revisions of classic 1176 compressor with a few modern-day clones, and two of the most popular plugins.

Many thanks to FX Rentals - for providing us with:
2 Urei 1776 revision H silverface
2 Universal Audio 1176 revision D blackface
1 Universal Audio 1176 LN reissue
1 Purple Audio MC76

And to Doug Hunt - for providing us with 2 Klark Teknik 76-KT units, and to Sam Russel for the Hairball revision D kit version.

A huge thank you also to the superb musicians who provided their ample talents specifically for this project:

Andy Platts (vocals) - and
Chris Boot (drums) -
James Maltby (guitar) -
Andrew Blowers (bass) -
MIchael Horner (rhodes) -

To download the full uncompressed audio files for this shootout, head to:

Music Credits:
Intro Sequence - Mark Ashfield
History Section - Michael Horner Trio
Shootout - Michael Horner/Andy Platts/Chris Boot/Andrew Blowers/James Maltby

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