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1176 Compressor Shootout

Thanks to our friends at FX Rentals in London, we got hold of some truly beautiful kit in the form of various revisions of the original 1176 hardware compressor. We've put them through their paces in this YouTube video, also throwing in some modern day clones and two of the most widely-used plugins. Now it's your turn to download the audio files and judge for yourselves! Let us know your opinions in the comments of the video.

In the download folder are 2x 1KHz test-tones, one of which is generated by the DAW and the second of which has gone through a round trip out and back into our converters. There are also raw, completely untreated audio files for each instrument.

For comparison there are complete mixes with each instrument put through each compressor and there are full audio files for each of the three settings we used in the video - "in the mix", "compression bypassed" and "all buttons in"

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